Customers will be linked to our Auralim Gift online ordering web sites through Shopzio. As a Buyer with ShopZio you can browse your favourite brands,
view pricing, place orders directly with us, review previous orders, and create wish lists and bookmarks.
*NOTE: There is a minimum order for each brand under the Auralim umbrella which you will see under each of our brands Logos. Most are $250.
This will also tell you the average shipping times.

In order to access our line, you must register your company with the Shopzio. Please note the following:
All items are subject to price and availability check. All prices shown are REGULAR price, before any taxes or discounts.

New users: If you have not used the Shopzio before, please register your company. Once you have registered, you may log in and request access to our lines.
You only need to do this step once. When we have verified your request, you will see Auralim Gift under "My Brands".